Carolyn Poplaski

I knew that if I was taken care of by Dr. Deutch, I’d be okay…She has saved my life more than twice.


Lora Campbell

You just have a confidence in her right away that she’s the person you want taking care of you…She’s matter-of-fact. That was her approach and I appreciate it.”


Karen Schmelzkopf

Dr. Deutch was able to create an environment which was so much different…She called me because she wanted to be the one to tell me.”


Lisa Luckett

You get your results within two days…You don’t have to go to the city centers to find good people.”


Terry Van Ness

HerSpace is a different kind of atmosphere…I’ve never left HerSpace without knowing the situation or what my next step is.”


Anita Roselli

I so believe in this woman. For years I’ve gotten together with twelve of my girlfriends. We all go together for our mammograms to Dr. Deutch because we only want the best for each other. Aren’t you worth it?”


Lee Krasko

I could have gone anywhere for my mammogram…but I drove past them all to get to HerSpace. My husband and I have a home in Rumson, but stay in Manhattan for his therapies. The best hospitals in the world are there. But when it comes to my mammogram, there’s only one place I’ll go.”