HerSpace is dedicated to implementing the latest technologies and is proud to offer a wide array of breast cancer detection techniques in order to provide the most thorough screening results available to patients in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey.  Below are just a few of the services we offer and we encourage every patient – or perspective patient – to call with any questions regarding our center.

Digital Mammographyimaging3

One of the latest technologic advances in breast imaging, digital mammography uses less radiation to produce images of the breast with greater latitude and contrast than film screen mammography. Studies show a decrease in the number of additional views needed with digital mammography because of the ability of the breast imager to manipulate the images on the computer screen. Images are stored electronically so that studies can no longer be lost. Though not yet proven, it is hoped that digital mammography will increase detection of early subtle breast cancers.

High Resolution Breast Ultrasound

Reconstructed sound waves reflected back to a computer from the breast tissues generate an image of portions of the breast. This modality is used to determine if an abnormality is a cyst or solid tumor and, if a solid tumor, whether it has benign or malignant features. This helps the radiologist determine if the next step is routine follow-up, short interval follow-up, aspiration or biopsy. The lack of ionizing radiation also makes this study ideal for the primary evaluation of breast abnormalities in younger or pregnant women.

Breast MRI

High resolution contrast -enhanced breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) may detect small cancers not seen on mammography. It is helpful in better assessing extent of disease in some patients recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The added information an MRI provides can help fine-tune the surgical management of the disease. Breast MRI is also used to evaluate for breast implant rupture. The role of MRI in screening high risk patients is currently being evaluated in clinical trials.

Imaging Consult / Second Opinion

The breast imagers at HerSpace are often asked to provide a second expert interpretation of breast imaging initially performed elsewhere. It is advised that a woman seek an expert opinion from a dedicated Breast Imager regarding an abnormal mammogram reading before undergoing a biopsy. Many times the outside recommendation is reversed or altered or, if the biopsy is deemed necessary, the patient may be offered a less invasive biopsy approach.