Remembering Dr. Deutch


Untitled-5Before pursing her professional dream of starting HerSpsace, Dr. Deutch spent eight years as Director of Breast Imaging and Medical Director of the Jacqueline Wilentz Breast Center at Monmouth Medical Center. She came to NJ from the Memorial Sloan Ketering Cancer Center where she started their breast MRI program and helped pioneer stereotactic breast biopsy.

Dr. Deutch was a nationally renowned and published breast imager whose dream was realized when she and her husband opened HerSpace in 2002. The facility was opened with one goal in mind: to put patients at ease while pursuing the clinical objective of detection and diagnosis of breast cancer at its earliest, most curable stage.

She personally designed HerSpace taking into account every little detail. When you enter, the first things you notice are the beautiful surroundings and serene atmosphere. Her personal interest of art was an integral part of her life that she had chosen to share with her patients to help them relax, distract and validate their experience at HersSpace.

After working diligently for 14 years to develop, strengthen and enhance HerSpace to be the best breast imaging center possible, unfortunately Dr. Deutch died in December, 2014.

Her beloved family, dedicated staff, supportive patients and community will miss this amazing, brilliant, talented and caring woman and suffer from her loss. However, we are committed to continuing her dream and dedicate ourselves to upholding the standards of care and compassion that she instituted. Her legacy lives on!