“Diet for a New Larry”

“Diet for a Healthy Larry”
March 21, 2017

Learn to break old habits – and substitute them with new foods

Atsuko Sasaki had a present for Larry Rubin.

He looked delighted. “That’s lucky for me,” he said.

The registered dietitian and staff nutritionist in the Women’s Wellness division of HerSpace presented Larry with two Mason jars – one filled with beautiful chopped vegetables lightly pickled in a rice vinegar brine and the other containing a mushroom soup chunky with vegetables.
Larry smiled his gratitude at the woman serving as his guide to “mindful” eating.

It was the start of a new week on his new diet. That first week had posed its challenges. HerSpace’s CEO was supposed to switch from heavy cream to half-and-half in his three cups of coffee a day.

“I found the half-and-half too thin, so I mixed it 50-50 with heavy cream,” Larry told Atsuko.

“That’s too many calories on something that lacks nutritional value,” she said. So they compromised, agreeing that – for now – Larry would cut back his coffee intake to two cups a day.

Also, Larry admitted, “I went out a lot this past week.” Meaning, for dinner.

He tried, one night, to convince business colleagues bound for a barbecue joint in New York to go for Japanese fare instead. He succeeded, but didn’t take into account that a few glasses of sake would add up. As would the rice in sushi rolls.

“I didn’t lose any weight,” Larry confessed to Atsuko. “But since I went out a lot I feel that the fact that I didn’t gain weight is like losing weight.”

Atsuko shook her head, presented Larry with the Mason jars and also gave him some dining-out advice: Instead of ordering only sushi rolls or individual sushi pieces, order sashimi or rolls that don’t contain rice, thereby cutting back on the calories of the starch. Select lean meats, such as chicken breasts, cuts of beef such as filet mignon, and fish fillets as opposed to sausages or other fatty meats.

And eat half of the vegetables in the Mason jar for lunch, Atsuko said.

That made Larry smile.

For information about Atsuko Sasaki’s services in nutrition, contact HerSpace Director of Communications/Patient Ambassador Andy Clurfeld at 732-571-9100, ext. 104, or andy@breast-imaging.com.

For more about Atsuko’s ideas about “mindful” eating, please link here.