“Diet for a Healthy Larry”

March 13, 2017
“Diet for a Healthy Larry”
The first step: Small changes can make a big difference
What’s the difference between heavy cream and half-and-half? What’s a food diary? How many calories make one pound of weight?
Larry Rubin, CEO of HerSpace, today has answers to these and other questions that stymied him before his first consultation with Atsuko Sasaki, registered dietitian and staff nutritionist in the Women’s Wellness division of the state-of-the-art breast imaging facility in Eatontown.
“How many calories do you have to eliminate in order to lose one pound?” Atsuko asks Larry.
“Three?” Larry replies.
Atsuko shakes her head. “No. It’s 3,500 calories.”
“I didn’t know that,” Larry says.
This fact was one of many Larry took in as he started on an Atsuko-guided course to drop pounds. His journey, which we will chronicle on a weekly basis on the HerSpace Web site in the blog “Diet for Healthy Larry,” is one many take. Whether for reasons of improving overall health, lowering the risk of contracting an ailment, or strictly for the sake of personal appearance, “going on a diet” is a common experience.
Larry is sharing his journey as a way to educate the HerSpace community. Atsuko Sasaki is not only a registered dietitian, but a certified chef in Japan who has taught culinary classes,  counseled clients in nutrition and cooked for private parties in the United States.
Larry, a fan of Atsuko’s “delicious-and-healthy” style of cooking, might be interested in losing weight, but he is not interested in losing enjoyment when dining. That’s why he decided to work with Atsuko, who will teach him how to make  better food choices without sacrificing good flavor.
Larry puts cream in his coffee, likes creamy French cheeses and foie gras. He also loves fresh fruits and prosciutto, starts many days with a large bagel topped with lox, and regularly eats dinner in restaurants when on business.
“How much cream do you put in your coffee?” Atsuko asks Larry. He’s not sure, so Atsuko prompts him. “Two tablespoons? More?”
Larry considers this and realizes he may well add more than two tablespoons to his coffee. In fact, he could be adding a quarter cup of cream to each of his three cups of coffee per day.
Atsuko and Larry do some simple math and figure out that, by substituting half-and-half for the cream and limiting that half-and-half to two tablespoons, Larry could eliminate 1,280 calories a week from his intake.
When Larry and Atsuko agree to a starting weight-loss plan of one pound a week, Larry realizes that by making the kind of “small change” Atsuko advocates – switching from cream to half-and-half – he can eliminate more than one-third of the 3,500 calories a week Atsuko wants him to cut out.
“I want you to do ‘mindful’ eating,” Atsuko tells Larry. To that end, he’s going to keep a food diary, writing down what he eats every day. By being “mindful” of portion size – of cheese, of the difference between a large bagel and a regular-size bagel, for example – Larry realizes consuming 3,500 fewer calories a week is very possible.
Atsuko hands Larry a list of eating options. He looks it over and says, “This is very complete. It’s a meal plan.”
“It’s a meal pattern,” Atsuko says.
Larry nods and says to Atsuko: “This was very informative. There are a lot of things I wasn’t aware of, and I realize it’s important to have reasonable goals and be under the supervision of a professional. It’s hard to have to discipline yourself. I am looking forward to losing weight.”
For information about Atsuko Sasaki’s services in nutrition, contact HerSpace Director of Communications/Patient Ambassador Andy Clurfeld at 732-571-9100, ext. 104, or andy@breast-imaging.com.