Breast Ultrasound

Reconstructed sound waves reflected back to a computer from the breast tissues generate an image of portions of the breast. This modality is used to determine if an abnormality is a cyst or solid tumor and, if a solid tumor, whether it has benign or malignant features. This helps the radiologist determine if the next step is routine follow-up, short interval follow-up, aspiration or biopsy. The lack of ionizing radiation also makes this study ideal for the primary evaluation of breast abnormalities in younger or pregnant women.

Screening breast ultrasound may be recommended in addition to the yearly screening mammogram for those women who are at high risk for breast cancer and have dense breasts or otherwise difficult to interpret mammograms. Studies have shown an increase in the cancer detection rate of 20-30% in this population of women when screening ultrasound is added to screening mammography. Ask your referring physician and the breast imagers at HerSpace if you meet the criteria for this study.