Our Mission


“Our goal is to put women at ease while we pursue the clinical objective of detecting and diagnosing breast cancer at its earliest, most curable stage.”

HerSpace was founded by Dr. Beth Deutch in 2002 as a response to her experiences as a breast imager in the typical hospital-based mammography setting, where patients typically receive results weeks later in the mail, without the opportunity to speak to the radiologist and in jeopardy of the anxiety associated with “call backs” and lengthy waits to resolve an abnormal mammogram. At HerSpace, all patients receive their results directly from the breast imager on the day of their appointment. Any problem detected on the screening mammogram is fully worked up that day, often including biopsy, if needed, and biopsy results are relayed to patients typically within 24 hours.

Because it matters very much who reads a woman’s mammogram (studies have shown that radiologists specializing in breast imaging have a significantly higher cancer detection rate and lower false positive rate than general radiologists), HerSpace offers its patients the experience and skill of leading breast imagers.

HerSpace, a recognized and American College of Radiology certified Center of Excellence in breast imaging, has always been committed to cutting edge technology. Dr. Deutch was the first radiologist in New Jersey to be certified in digital mammography; HerSpace was one of the first breast imaging facilities to become fully digital and was the first facility to offer additional screening breast ultrasound to all women with dense and heterogeneously dense breasts, in whom mammography alone may detect as few as only 60% of breast cancers. HerSpace was the first facility to offer Breast Specific Breast Imaging along with breast MRI as additional tools in detecting breast cancer in higher risk women and is now one of the first facilities in NJ to offer the latest digital tomomammography to all of its patients.

These state of the art services are provided in a beautiful, spacious, spa-like setting with music, art and other imagery intended to relax and distract women during the mammography experience.